Our work carries a great level of trust and responsibility, and we are thankful for the opportunities God has given us to serve in this unique and strategic type of ministry.  The following are some testimonies and endorsements of our work by several ministry leaders with whom we have had the honor of serving alongside:

“Drake and Megan Sprague’s investment in the Amazon and lowlands of South America is crucial to befriending and reaching the remaining 200-250 distinct tribal nations who are not yet exposed to the love of their Creator God. At least 40-60 of these tribes are completely unknown and yet to be contacted by the outside world. Extensive research is vital to assessing and then implementing wise strategy and action. Drake’s abilities, training, and experience will help guide efforts across the eleven countries of the region, as many entities and individuals focus on the eternal destiny and holistic well being of these jungle tribes. Ever since Drake lived with a tribe in the Peruvian Amazon years ago, he has prepared himself diligently to partner with other nations, tribes and organizations. I highly endorse Drake and Megan, as you consider partnering with them to impact needy people living in the greatest rain forest on earth!”

– Paul Johnson
President, ALTECO

“The task of research is vital to our missionary movement. The information it produces helps us in tremendous ways, enabling us to take significant steps towards seeing the indigenous nations reached with the Gospel. CONPLEI (the National Board of Indigenous Pastors and Leaders of Brazil) is grateful for the work Drake and Megan Sprague are doing. Without their help we would certainly lack the information necessary to proceed in our journey. We at CONPLEI, highly recommend them.”

– Henrique Diaz (Terena Tribe of Brazil)

“Research is fundamental to planning for cross-cultural Christian ministry. Producing a map of a target area is a means of sharing knowledge with various individuals and agencies that may play a part in such a ministry. The process of mapping also has a way of showing up the deficiencies in current knowledge and areas where additional study is needed. In many cases cross-cultural ministry is costly, both in terms of human resources and in finances. So, pin-pointed research is important in making sure that limited resources are invested wisely and strategically and, hopefully, in ensuring that no groups are overlooked. When I think back on the first survey trip that two colleagues and I took into the lowland Chinantec area of northern Oaxaca nearly 60 years with just a hearsay report from a man in the Oaxaca market, I rejoice over the number of individuals and tools that are employed in such research today. Thank you, Drake and Megan, for your part in this work!”

– Dr. Calvin Rensch
Asia Area Director, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

“Drake and Megan have been a huge encouragement to our hearts and have already increased our ministry resources. We were overjoyed when we learned Drake and Megan would be filling the role of Research Coordinators for Alteco. Their unique skill set and ability to communicate clearly about very complex detail has and will be an invaluable tool for our practical, on the ground ministry with reached and unreached people groups of the Amazon. Our effectiveness on the ground is absolutely dependent on Drake and Megan. God is doing something big through their ministry and we are thrilled to be standing by their side!”

– Chris and Tina Ferry
Ecuador Country Coordinators, ALTECO

“Drake and Megan are a true model for the younger generations. Their ministry, living near and conducting research among unreached peoples, is helping to spread the vision and heart of Christ to the future leaders of the church and future missionaries. You can make a difference by helping them fulfill their ministry.”

– David Markham
Etnopedia Global Coordinators Team

“It is a real joy for us to serve together with Drake and Megan Sprague as they serve with ALTECO to bring the gospel to people that have yet to hear the good news message of Jesus Christ. Drake and Megan have devoted their lives to serving the Lord. Their passion is to point others to Him. As a result of their work, the gospel will soon penetrate people groups which, up to this time, have had little chance to hear. I highly recommend them and what they are doing to all who have a desire to see the Great commission fulfilled in our lifetime!”

– Dr. David Nelms
President, The Timothy Initiative

“Drake and Megan Sprague are bright, thoughtful followers of Jesus Christ. They understand that the Bride of Christ is helping to usher in the Kingdom of God. This means careful research must be evident to be strategic in our investment of time, energy, funding and focus on reaching every man, woman and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s reduce lostness together with this wonderful couple.”

– Dr. Greg Kappas
Vice President, The Timothy Initiative
Founder/President, Grace Global Network

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