drake & megan

Watch this short video to learn more about us and the critical work we have been called to do through ALTECO in support of tribal ministries across the Amazon Basin and lowland regions of South America!

Early on in their individual walks of faith with Jesus Christ, Drake and Megan each experienced a burden to help others have the same opportunity…especially in parts of the world where there is little or no access to the Gospel message. Years before they met, God allowed them to serve separately in ministries among tribal people groups, Drake in Peru, and Megan in Thailand.

Since 2011, the Spragues have served fulltime together in a type of ministry that is strategic and highly practical. Through their ongoing work with Etnopedia.org, and now with ALTECO, their focus has always been on empowering indigenous Christians with information they need to take a lead role in completing the Great Commission.

The Spragues have been uniquely called and equipped to address a very specific problem: a severe lack of current, reliable information available to Cross-cultural Christian ministries in the Amazon and lowlands of South America.

As the Research Coordinators for ALTECO, they are directly and indirectly serving hundreds of ministries by developing and coordinating a network of indigenous and national churches to gather and share critical ministry-relevant field data. In addition to this role, they also serve as leaders in the administrative and organizational operations of ALTECO.

Drake and Megan consider it a great joy and a blessing to serve in partnership with remote jungle village leaders, training indigenous Christians to build databases and maps, and conduct field surveys that communicate what and where the greatest needs exist!

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