What is ALTECO?
Alteco_Logo_SquareALTECO is a non-profit organization focusing on holistically empowering the 400 plus tribal nations of the Amazon Basin, helping them establish their own networks of churches and leaders, and share God’s Word within their own tribes. ALTECO stands for Amazon and Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition, with operations overseen by a Board of Directors and carried out by Administrative staff. Networking is achieved through ongoing communication with the 160 plus Member organizations, Participating organizations, and individual partners.

The existence of an indigenous network of healthy, reproducing churches, providing spiritual life and livelihood for all 400 plus tribes of the Amazon and lowland region of South America.

ALTECO Mission Statement
Alteco exists to work together to empower the Amazonian tribal church to complete the Great Commission among the 207 yet unreached tribes of the Amazon region to the glory of Christ Jesus.

Visit the ALTECO website to learn more.

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