2014 Amazon Consultation – Ecuador

Etnias del Ecuador

Map of Ecuador’s Amazon and lowland tribes.

Every year since 2004, ALTECO has hosted an extraordinary event, the annual Amazon Consultation – the world’s only meeting that consistently brings together so many key participants from the “Three Waves” mission movement – expatriate, national and tribal – in a single venue. It is an incredibly strategic week where enduring partnerships that transcend culture and language are formed. And it is an encouragement for all of us working together to see that the remaining 200-250 unreached Amazon tribes may gain access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they can truly understand, and that leads to transformation across the Amazon & Lowland of South America!

On Monday, Drake travels to Ecuador to attend this year’s Amazon Consultation, held for the first time in South America! He will be leading a workshop entitled “La Investigacion: Paso Clave Para Tribus No Alcanzadas” (Research: Key Step for Unreached Tribes), an interactive training session to help national and tribal missionaries gather and share vital field information in remote jungle regions. He will stay a few days longer to participate in a seminar on leadership and character development in a tribal context, uniquely designed a coworker who is also a renown leadership expert in South America.

We expect at least 130 key leaders at this event. Paul Johnson, president of ALTECO, highlighted the following:

  • Over 40 tribal people from all across South America, including many tribal women, will attend!
  • Around 10 men and women from the Waorani (Auca) tribe will also be there. This tribe killed the first five missionaries who contacted them, including Nate Saint, whose surviving son, Steve Saint, later told their story in the book and movie, End of the Spear!
  • God has transformed these people, and Dewe (Duhui), one of the killers, will be sharing his testimony and an update from the Waorani tribe!
  • Timothy Olonade, from Nigeria will be one of the Keynote Speakers, sharing amazing missions models from Africa!
  • Three-time World Champion Archer, Darrell Dixon from Missouri, will also share and do a couple of shooting demos for the crowd!
  • Three key tribal leaders (from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru), also Keynote Speakers, will challenge us regarding the tribal vision and partnerships!
  • Besides the speakers, there will be workshops, focus groups, panel discussions, small groups by country, and an incredible music and culture night!

Please pray with us:

  • That God will be glorified, and that His purposes for this event will be fulfilled
  • That new partnerships will be created, unifying the Body of Christ
  • For travel safety for the attendees, and for family members who cannot attend

Blessings in Christ,
Drake & Megan

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