Big event in Bolivia!‏

While most of the world fixates on the Winter Olympics and its many controversies, there’s another event about to quietly take place just outside of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It will not make international news. Yet the significance is enormous in terms of the Great Commission in the Amazon Rainforest. I am right now on my way there (writing this from the airport in Panama) where I have the privilege of joining some of today’s most active and strategic leaders in Christian missions across the Amazon. A very diverse group reflecting the evolving and future face of world missions, I will be one of only a handful of North Americans. These men and women are not just Spanish and Portuguese speaking nationals; they include many of the tribal leaders themselves from as far away as Colombia and Ecuador. Considered by many to be the most important Amazon missions leadership gathering in the past ten years, the focus of discussion will be on what progress has been made, what are the outstanding issues affecting so many tribal communities today, and how can we all work closer together to both disciple and reach further into the regions where the Gospel message has yet to be shared. I invite you to follow along on Twitter or by friending and following us on Facebook.

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