Finally, a complete list of Nepal’s people groups!


This week, after over several months of detailed research, I finished and uploaded to Etnopedia a complete list of Nepal’s known ethnic people groups. So what exactly is the significance of such a list and what effect will it have on the Evangelical missionary movement? Short answer: used to its full potential, it will lead to major advances in eventually reaching 450+ people groups who currently have little to no access to the Gospel. Etnopedia serves Evangelical missionary movements around the world by providing information on unreached ethnic people groups.  Armed with this information missionaries can focus their efforts where access to the Gospel is the least.  This list is a compilation of data from all of the major Christian missionary research efforts, including our own.  I intensively cross-referenced and analyzed data from all of these and other sources to identify every possible ethnic people group (or nation) that lives in Nepal. The blue links indicate profiles we presently have in Etnopedia (for example, the Chamlinge Rai people), while the red links are placeholders requiring new profiles. The power of Etnopedia is that it is an editable wiki (akin to Wikipedia, Wikileaks, etc.).  Much of the information about these people groups will eventually come from field experts who are registered to log in and make edits.  Each profile created can then be translated into nearly any other language right within Etnopedia.  Reaching the lost nations of Nepal will truly be a “crowd-sourced” collaboration involving many people working within a single platform over the Internet from anywhere in the world.  Never before in history has this been possible. We are very exited for this breakthrough.  But we also realize that the ensuing spiritual battles will be intense, as we struggle “against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).  Please pray for our team as we proceed with creating profiles for each of these people groups, many of whom are only known to ‘exist’ but have never actually been researched from the field.  Please pray for me (Drake), who as the team geographer will be coordinating much of the work to map the locations of each of these people groups.  Our enemy, Satan, will do everything in his power to keep the lost nations of Nepal in the dark, as he has done for so long.  Now at least we have a single list that the entire Evangelical missionary movement can work from to eventually finish the massive task of reaching these people groups with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  You can help us in this work.  For example, if you speak another language in addition to English, you can serve with our team as a translator right from where you live.  If you speak Spanish, French, Korean, Russian or any other language and have a desire to translate people group profiles please let us know.

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